Reflection Window

The Reflection Window is used for configuring the scene background and the reflection of objects in the scene.



Transparent background – sets a transparent background. When this option is activated, the background of the Preview Window becomes checkered.

Background color – the color of the scene background.

Note: when saving the final image to a file, take into account that of the image formats supported by 3D Ebook Cover, only the following support transparency: BMP, PNG, TGA and DDS.

Note: when setting the opacity, the background color plays a role only in the reflections. The following image has a red-colored background.



Enabled – turns object reflection on/off.

Length – reflection length.

Opacity – level of opacity.

Fading – the length of reflection fading, beginning with the lower portion of the reflection. The fade length value is a percentage ratio vis a vis the length of the reflection as indicated in Length. If Fading is equal to 50, then the opacity of the first 50 percent of the reflection, that is, the upper portion of the reflection, will vary based upon the value indicated in Opacity. The remaining 50 percent will fade evenly from the value indicated in Opacity up to complete transparency.