Render Dialog

After the necessary objects have been added and positioned in the scene, images have been chosen for the materials, and lighting, shadows and reflections have been fine-tuned, the scene is ready for final rendering. For final image rendering, use the Render Dialog.

The Render Dialog can be opened in several ways:

- the F5 key,
- using the "Open Render Dialog" toolbar button,
- using the menu item Render -> Render Dialog.


After setting the image resolution using the Width and Height fields, press the button marked “Render” (or the F5 key) to begin the final rendering. Rendering progress is displayed in the window that appears.


After rendering, three buttons become available in the Render Dialog:

Save – save the image to a file. The following image formats are supported: PNG, BMP, JPG, TGA and DDS.
Print – calls up the Print Preview Dialog to print the image.
Copy to Clipboard – copies the image to the clipboard.