objects table, object properties, camera window

The "Objects Table" displays the objects in the scene. When one of the scene objects is selected, its properties are displayed in "Object Properties":

  • position,
  • rotation,
  • size.

In the "Camera Window" are the camera properties:

  • direction,
  • position,
  • zoom,
  • perspective.






materials table, material properties, reflection window

The "Materials Table" contains the materials for the selected object, while "Material Properties" has the properties of the selected material:

  • image,
  • material color,
  • reflectiveness.

The background settings are shown in the "Reflection Window":

  • transparency,
  • background color,

as well as reflection settings:

  • length,
  • transparency,
  • fading.






lighting window

In the "Lighting Window" are global lighting settings and two point light sources:

  • brightness of global lighting,
  • color,
  • and the location of the point light sources.






shadows window

Directional shadow settings can be found in the "Shadows Window":

  • direction,
  • length,
  • color,
  • intensity,
  • blurring

as well as global shadow:

  • color,
  • intensity,
  • size.






add object window

In "3D Ebook Cover" a scene can be built from any number of objects. Available objects are displayed in the "Add Object" window:

  • software box,
  • brochure,
  • CD box,
  • DVD box,
  • DVD/CD,
  • Hardcover,
  • Magazine,
  • Membership card,
  • paperback,
  • spiral memo book,
  • spiral notebook.






load template window

A template is a ready-made scene complete with objects and pre-configured shadows, lighting and reflection. After loading the template, the user needs only to change the standard graphics for his or her own ones. Of course, a scene based on a template can be changed in any way you wish: feel free to add or delete objects, change settings for lighting, shadows, reflection, etc.